We Done Learned Us Ethics

In our quest to learn how to be ethical today Larceny, Lance, and I were googling practice tests for Professional Responsibility. We were about four sample exams in when we decided that we went to the wrong law school.

Excerpts from an actual PR exam:

TRUE OR FALSE? "The ABA Model Rules of Professional Conduct define how an attorney-client relationship is formed."

TRUE OR FALSE? "An attorney who uses confidential client information for his own profit without the client’s permission will not have any discipline or liability so long as the information was not used to the disadvantage of the client."

"Arnold was the sole eye witness to an accident involving Darren Driver, who now seeks representation by Arnold's firm in a case arising out of that accident. Arnold will undoubtedly be a key witness for Darren should the case go to trial. Paul in attorney's firm concludes that he may not represent Darren, since the conflict is imputed to all members of the firm. Agree or disagree?"

SHORT ANSWER. "If a client being represented by an attorney under a contingent fee contract fires the attorney, under what circumstances may an attorney nonetheless recover fees for the work performed?"

This is the easiest PR exam ever. Agree or disagree?

Had we gone to this law school, even the LawBitches could pass PR...


muzikalaw said...

I could pass that exam, and i havent even started yet!

Lindsey Lou said...

Definitely agree. And since when do law school exams contain True or False questions? I went to the wrong damn law school, too.

Larceny Bitch said...

I would also like to know since when do law schools do disagree/agree? Hell, I can put I disagree with it, doesn't mean that's the right answer. Like not being able to steal from your clients, I disagree with it, doesn't mean I can do it.

Addled said...

My big complaint about PR this year isn't its ease or difficulty. There just wasn't enough sex.