The Epitome of The Last Semester of Law School

Jurisprudence Prof: "Ms. Calculating, tell me, who was Plato?"

Calculating, pausing the game on her computer screen: "A philosopher."

Sandra (in a voice loud enough that the professor overheard her): "That's a way to 3L it!"

Sandra Gay Got Me Drunk

Good Idea: Going to the bar after Sandra's last final to celebrate.

Great Idea: Getting drunk in the middle of the day and not going back to work until four and half hours later.

Better Idea: Stealing an awesome pint glass from the bar after being encouraged by two fellow LawBitches and my dear husband.

Bad Idea: Stopping to go to the bathroom in one of the other graduate programs' buildings on the way back to the law school.

Worse Idea: Being so wasted that the stolen pint glass fell out my jacket pocket and shattered into a million pieces on the floor right outside the bathroom.

Worst Idea: Being caught on videotape breaking the glass outside the bathroom, wasted, and then running frantically to the law school.

Thank God we've got less then five months left.

Don't Call it a Comeback...(seriously we aren't reuniting like the Eagles)

So...somehow the ABA (aka "Big Brother") got ahold of this blog and decided to nominate it as one of the top 100 Blawgs.

The Lawbitches are honored and humbled. They are currently pondering whether they can put this on their resumes. Would it have made a difference during OCI?

Anyway, they are now pandering for votes. In the name of all things holy and sacred (pretty sure thats hookers and blow for them) go and vote. And vote for them on different computers.

If they win this award they would like to dedicate it to all their lovely readers over past 2 years. Most of them miss you all very much (well, at least Lance and Larceny do, and Calculating does have her moments) and miss blogging about their mundane lives.

And for the record, Lance feels that Frugal Law Student should not top the JD In Training category. The top student blawg should go to a site that brought you laughter -- not one that taught you how to save money.

Thanks again to those of you who have been following the LawBitches since their second semester, first year!

UPDATE: Apparently the banner below sends you to the main page, click on "JDs in Training" to find our blog. Also, we've opened up comments. Happy voting!

No Return of the Jedi

So while it doesn't appear that the LawBitches are coming back anytime soon, they have decided that a "Best of There's No Competition in Law School" is in order -- if only to dispel some of the rumors.

For those law students out there who don't have senses of humor, don't read this blog. For those that don't have senses of humor and go to school with the crew from TNCILS, please take note:
  • The LawBitches were not ranking female law students on their blawg.
  • The LawBitches were not forced to shut down by the administration; they voluntarily chose to shut down (don't be mad at them, some of their fellow students don't have senses of humor, it's a small legal community, the rumor mill is rampant and they all want to be employed upon graduation).
  • The LawBitches are uncivil at times; deal with it.
  • The LawBitches are rarely serious.
  • The LawBitches do not really cut themselves.
  • The LawBitches, while perhaps borderline drunks, are no more alcoholics then most law students.
  • The LawBitches do actually study at times. At least first year they did. Second year they crammed right before finals, and third year they are simply getting by based on all of their good looks. (Except for the Swinging Kennedy who is getting by based on his skills behind the 7/11).
  • The LawBitches employ a rude tone to be funny, but also to shield their true identities. The truth is they are all as sweet as sugar, and next to them Little Bo Peep looks like a raging bitch.

Advice: Day 27

"The Pain of Law School OCI"

We here at the Lawbitches have gone through the struggle. Although a few of us are on law review, have wonderful life/job experiences, and have done really well in law school, none of us got a job through OCI. We really have enjoyed listening to the 2Ls here discussing how many interviews they had and how many call backs they had. Little do they realize that call backs do not mean jobs. We also feel for some of the other bloggers out there who have gone through OCI and have been absolutely demoralized. Don't worry, you'll find a job. Time to network (the other pain of law school).

3L Advice: Motivating Quotes

"Motivating Law School Quotes"

Brick walls are there to show you just how much you want something.