It's the Most Wonderful Time of Year

So it's that time of the year again, where law students everywhere are envying the bottoms in beastiality porn because at least they get to use lube.

Between school, work, and volunteer projects, I have 1.34 Imperial fuck tonnes of stuff to do, and it all is due within the next two and a half weeks. Right now I, and I am sure the rest of the law bitches, are looking at 12 or 16 hour work days until finals are done.

As awful as it all will be, right now I am just on the cusp of starting, and I think the anticipation of that fucking slog is even worse. At this point, I'd be willing to jack off a silverback gorilla to take even a couple things off my plate.

Even worse is the blame game you play with yourself. If only you had started stuff a little earlier, or done a better job keeping up with the reading, you wouldn't be in such a shit mess right now. Nevermind that you didn't start things early and slacked on the reading so that you could try and maintain some sanity and a semblence of a social life.

Nothing like a cocktail of stress, panic, and self-loathing to focus the mind.

Good luck on finals everybody. May your flasks be bottomless and your razorblades keen. And remember, cutting across is for pussies.


Justice Moustache said...

I hear that. And thanks to you filthy slawbags I'm not getting a god damn thing done right now.

Fuck the whole lot of you!

Calculating Bitch said...

Roberts - for this bitch it is as bad as all of that except I'm done with all of my exams and final projects on Monday. So take the stress and magnify it by the fact that I only have four freaking days to learn all of the semester's material. Its been more like 20 hour days fueled by gallons of coffee, Diet Coke and M&MS. Plus, I forgot to clean my razorblade from the other night, so now I'm pretty sure that puss leaking from the cuts on my arm is not a good sign...Ahhh, this is the best time of the year.

Scalito said...

JR -
You are wasting your time in law school. Now that Vonnegut is dead you have the chops to follow him into literary stardom. gaddamn you can write even if it is sick as hell!

Good luck with finals. Especially the oral one.