I am Unethical

So the Lawbitches, okay well myself, Calculating, Lance Ito and Sandra Gay all have completed our Professional Responsibility exam. Well, we finished it at quarter to noon, but we had to (naturally) go for a few drinks afterwards, so I'm only writing this now. What? We didn't start drinking til after 12pm (I think).

Best quote of the day from Sandra Gay: "What grade do I get if I just concede that I'm unethical and be done with it?" I figure you should get points for honesty and at least get a C.

That being said, I'm pretty sure none of us is ethical, since we all thought for a split second that answers pertaining to lying or hiding the truth could be ethical, if argued right. How many points do I get if I concede that I won't sleep with any of my clients, but I might let the other law bitches sleep with them??

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