The Hammer?

Today was the wrap up class for small firm practice. We were divided into groups and then made to give a presentation on a chosen topic. One group started with this as an introduction to firm advertising. I think I may have found my calling.

I have to stay up late at night? 100% of all the money? How am I supposed to get paid. Yo I gots to get paid.

There has to be some professional responsibility issues in there somewhere.

-scalito "The Chainsaw"


dicta said...

i like when he says "100% or more". this isn't like gym class where the fat, unathletic kid can still get an A if he "gives 110%".

Anonymous said...

i hate those lawyer commercials on t.v. i mean, why do they have to look all serious and stuff.

why can't they have a clown behind them or something.

some guy said...

this guy is awesome. great pictures on his web site. nothing like a lawyer with a cowboy hat, black t-shirt and sport coat. i love how it says he used to do tax law and "hated it" and now he fights for the rights of the "ordinary person."