My Spring Break sucks

So, the LawBitches are on Spring Break this week (hence the even less amount of blogging), but if it makes anyone feel better, my Spring Break sucks ass.

First, I go to visit my family. I brought my cat thinking "oh, he'll get to hang out with my parent's cats and make friends!" (And imagine that in an all excited, squeaky tone). He did make friends. Unfortunately, that means that while myself and AssHusband are attempting to sleep, three cats are chasing each other around the upstairs, meowing and hissing and fighting and romping around. Oh, and shitting. Because my mother thought it would be a good idea to bring the cat box upstairs since they were all upstairs sleeping together (which at the time was cute, but quickly turned ugly) and could have it closer. At 4am, when you are trying to get to sleep (after your 19 year old sister made you stay up half the night watching "Degrassi: The New Generation" - don't ask) it is awful hearing a cat scratching for like a fucking half hour at the kitty litter and smelling up the entire upstairs. Also, my parents have an ungodly amount of plants. So that meant that all three cats were eating this one plant (that kinda looks like grass) and then puking it up. If anyone out there has ever heard a cat puke in the night, you know the feeling of dread, knowing you should get up and clean it up, and then deciding to let it go and clean it up the next day. Also, the cats thought it would be a fun game to have one cat on our bed, and one cat under the bed or directly below it and swatting and meowing at one another in their respective positions. Of course, while the third decided to jump in our overnight bag and take a nap (and she has really long, white fur). Good times. So three cats = no sleep.

Then, I come home. And I think, "okay so I gotta go back to work, but it won't be so bad, at least I don't have to go to school!" Hah. I forgot that AssHusband decided we needed life insurance to cover our house in case anything ever happens, and we had our medical exam the day after we got back. Which includes a blood draw. When I saw the nurse chick bring out the needle I was like, "WHAT?! I need to have blood drawn, with a NEEDLE?!?!" And I think I almost drop kicked her and ran away. One thing you should know about me is that I am dreadfully afraid of needles. When I was a kid I apparently had to have a big one, so it totally traumatized me. And then she looks at my arm and says, "oh you have tough veins, it's going to take me longer than I thought" and it was so freaking painful. I almost passed out. I'm pretty sure that if I had known about the needle, I would have said fuck it.

So to those LawBitches (ahem-Calculating) who are on some wonderful beach somewhere sipping on a fruity drink while a muscled pool boy brings them towels: Fuck you.

On a positive note, I haven't done any work for school this week, because I don't have too. I do love being a 2L sometimes.

Awesome update: I may have asthma!

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Guy Fawkes said...

Remember the 1L days when your Legal Writing profs handed back the first draft of the appellate brief the day before spring break while saying "we REALLY want you to enjoy spring break...seriously, have some fun"? Yeah, good times.