How Little I Know the Rules of PR

tinkles so if you are an animal lawyer

tinkles: and you are defending a horse

tinkles: would it be a conflict of interest to ride it during the weekends?

calculating: well, thats kind of like having sex with a client. I think its okay as long as you rode it before it became a client.

calculating: But if you only started after the client relationship began, then it would be a conflict of interest.

tinkles: well lets say you rode its mother

tinkles: while it was inside

tinkles: so you kinda rode her

calculating: Well, technically still wouldn't have been a client yet…although that may become a gray area. Who is paying for the representation?


Another Asian Law Student said...

possibly made my day reading the comment

Meow said...

your 2L year is so much funnier now that i am a 2L.