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So, somehow I came across this newspaper article, it's been all over the press:

Dead body in First Class Cabin

So if you read the comments from people about the article, you'll see that many people think that Mr.Trinder was being a pompous ass and just didn't want to be around poor people. I say, give Mr. Trinder a break, he was actually pretty sane throughout the whole ordeal, you just be happy that you weren't dealing with me, because I wouldn't have had such a humorous attitude about it "sack of potatoes," hah. Because dead bodies are gross. Like, really freaking gross. If I had paid a shit ton of money for a first class ticket, and they started dragging a dead body in there, I would have thrown a tantrum, I kid you not. I mean, all is well and fine when it's an embalmed body in a casket that you don't have to go near (and I never do mind you, because again, dead bodies are gross) but when it's being propped up next to you for 5 hours, that's nasty. It may be that I'm overly sensitive, and that it's all my fault for reading one too many Catherine Coulter novels that describe what happens when a body dies. Also, at work once I was researching something TOTALLY DIFFERENT (I swear) and this case came up in my search:

Clark v. Smith, 494 S.W.2d 192

Take a look at it in Westlaw, but not while you're eating and you'll see what I mean. So yeah, I would have freaked the fuck out. I'm pretty sure when you buy a first class ticket, you don't intend to sit next to a dead body. And I also read that some American airlines have what is called a "body compartment" - you know like when you put your bags above your seat? Same thing, only it's larger and near the back, for a dead body. I now think being a stewardess is not such a great career move. Also, imagine being the family, sitting around your loved one's body for hours? Let's just hope this doesn't happen to me anytime soon, or I can bet you all that I will be on the news for requiring a plane to land because I wouldn't calm down.

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dicta said...

the part of the story that bothers me is he was just rudely told to "get over it." man, if that happened to me, i'd STILL be on the phone with british airways, absolutely flipping out until i was reimbursed and apologized to. i know they can't help it that someone dies on the flight, but don't move the body next to non-consenting strangers, delay everyone getting off the plane, and be rude about it.