The DMV is always entertaining

So, I had to go and get my driver's license today. You see, I have held on to my home state license like grim death. I love my home state (GO Bears), and have been trying to avoid changing it. And because I'm a student, I could for awhile. But now that I have a car that I bought with this state's plates, and have a house here, I guess it was time. I was not happy about it. After some pushing from asshusband, I went and got it today. And I met America's finest. Or should I say, this state's finest.

As I was standing in line, the woman running the information desk was trying to explain to this man that no, he could not drive with just a state ID, he needed a license. He kept asking, "but can't I just drive with ID." And she kept telling him no. At least 10 times. Then, a young girl failed the knowledge portion of the test and began freaking out after she got the results that it was "rigged." I'm not so sure I'll disagree with her, I had to take the test, some of those questions were pure bullshit. Then, a gentleman - okay, maybe gentleman is the wrong word - that had also failed the test decided that maybe he could get it to say he passed if he just hit on the DMV woman. Just a sidenote: a 20-something guy should not attempt to hit on a 60-something woman that's at least 35o lbs and is not happy to be there.

But my favorite moment of saying goodbye to my home state and becoming a resident of this state happened as I was leaving. Remember state ID guy? He left right before me, and I watched as he got into his car, and drove away. Priceless.

But as I said earlier, those tests are bullshit. Example from the test:

  • Driving in [State] is
    • a) A right all US citizens have
    • b) A right only [state] citizens have
    • c) Is a privilege and can be taken away from you
    • d) Is a privilege for only those in [state] who have a license from [state]

Any answers?


Anonymous said...

E!! It's E!

Anonymous said...

I'm guessing C, but I spent more time pondering the Go Bears statement. I wondered, "Did she mean Chicago Bears, like Illinois? She said state, so maybe she's talking about California since the bear is on the flag and the mascot for half of California's colleges. Perhaps Wyoming which is home to Yellowstone..."

IronBlossom said...

C, it's totally C.

You gotta understand how the "little people" work!! :-D

Anonymous said...

I'm going with C as well.

John Roberts said...

The answer is D.

Also the Bears blow goats and sodomize cows (which would lead one to believe they are from Iowa).

Calculating Bitch said...

Roberts, if it's D, then there is NO way that they'd let you drive here.

dicta said...

what struck me as the most odd part of this story is the dmv lady who was in her 60s and weighed 350lbs. i didn't know it was possible to live that long being so overweight.

think about it. lots of older people are somewhat fat simply cuz they cant work out and move around as much. but how many are that fat? not many.

John Roberts said...

Calculating- I already "tricked" the local DMV into giving me a license. I didn't even have to swallow.

Jay Gatsby said...

The answer is "C". You don't have to be a resident of [State] to drive there. Once you establish legal residency in [State], you must get a driver's license issued by [State].

Hence, the entire purpose of the blog post.

Larceny Bitch said...

Most of you are right, the answer was C. But in my defense, I said A because anyone can drive in any state if they have a valid license from another state. You don't need to have a license of that state to drive in it. Yes, I was a little too analytical, and would argue that both are correct. But in my defense I spent all of last week playing with words and ambiguous language in my appellate brief!

GrewUpRural said...

I agree that you do meet America's finest at the DMV. The next best place to meet America's finest, the casinos.