It All Started with a Box of Raisins

Only 623 days until we sit for the bar exam.

"Gurggle, grmmm," my stomach grumbled. I'm not sure if it was mad that I only had time to grab a granola bar earlier that day, or if it was tired from sitting in Wills and Estates. Being rather bored myself, I rummaged through my bag to see if I could find anything edible. Unearthing a box of California raisins, I turned back to the cover letter that I was working on. As I popped the first handful of raisins in my mouth, Scalito, who was sitting next to me doing his IP homework, gave me a quizzical look. I mouthed, "They are raisins. As in dried grapes."

He grabbed the box out of my hand, and pointed to the lettering near the top. In large capital letters it read, "BEST IF USED BY 24JUL2008."” He looked at me pointedly, "Two years?" I shrugged. Then he muttered, "I bet that'’s the day we take the bar."”

Clearly not paying attention in class -- who cares about the Rule Against Perpetuities? -- and having nothing better to do, I decided to look up the date. Scalito was off by 5 days. After informing him of the actual date, he added it to his calendar on his iBook and turned to me, "only 623 days until the bar."

So, yeah, now I have that to look forward to...

*Thanks a lot, Scalito. Prior to our exchange last night, my only infatuation with the bar was where I was going to go for happy hour tonight.


John Roberts said...

Fuck you both right in your invalidly registered keisters

Larceny Bitch said...

What? What date is that? Oh Christ, I cannot think about that right now. I believe I am about to have a nervous breakdown.

Also, LOL John Roberts.

Calculating Bitch said...

Roberts - I'll have you know that both Scalito and I dropped all of the classes we legally registered for this morning just to appease you suckers that still only have 29 credits and couldn't register, so you can stop running to the dean and telling on us for an "honor code" violation.

It's not our fault that we were smart enough to take enough classes so that we no longer have 1Ls status.

Oh, and Roberts, just for your rude comments toward me these last two days, and since I can register while you cannot, I'm going to take that last open spot in Women's Leadership so that the class will be full when you try to register for it.

John Roberts said...

Calculating - whoa whoa whoa! Who said anything about running to the deans? That isn't nearly passive aggressive enough for me. If I was going to go for revenge I would do something more subtle, like hide your bag while you leave it sitting in the cafeteria or complain on the internet. ;-)

Also, if you really want to go for Round 2 with our drill sergeant of a property teacher, be my guest. :-p