The LawBitches: By the Numbers

  • Two members participated in the intramural moot court competition.
  • Two members are co-directors of the same student organization.
  • Two are involved in clinical programs. (The externship type, not the mental kind).
  • Two members are on law review.
  • Two are on student government/SBA.
  • Eight of the nine are working during their 2L year.
  • Two studied abroad this summer.
  • Two took summer classes on campus.
  • Five worked as research assistants at school some point over the summer.
  • Four worked in firms over the summer.
  • One worked for the DA over the summer.
  • Six are married.
  • Five own houses.
  • One has a kid.
  • Two have dogs.
  • Four have cats.
  • Nine are drunks.
  • Three are smokers.
  • Zero are prude. (Prude is a relative term, mind you).
  • Five are in the same fantasy football league.
  • Two play on the hockey team.
  • Five went to undergrad in the same state as law school.
  • Of the five, two went to the same school during the same time but did not know each other, and two went to the same school but during different times.
  • The oldest is 35, the youngest is 23.
  • The average Lawbitch age: 27.
  • Nine have fairly twisted senses of humor.
  • Three live in urban areas.
  • Six live in the suburbs.
  • Between the 9, they grew up in 4 different states.
  • One has a doctorate.
  • Two graduated from undergrad the semester before they started law school.
  • One has put an arm up a cow's ass.
  • Eight hate tax.
  • One had perfect attendance first semester of 1L year, but now maxes out the absences in all classes. (Dissent from the aforementioned LawBitch: Two of my classes do not even have a maximum number of absences, so by definition I cannot max out my absences)
  • One has slept with half of a soccer team (And claims to be a prude, contrary to the earlier fact).
  • Two were computer network/programming geeks prior to law school.
  • One absolutely loves cheese. Like, as in, she'd marry it if that wasn't illegal in at least three states.
  • Eight are truly bitches in one way or another.
  • Five participated in OCI. (Well, one only went to the reception and drank the free booze).
  • Two were on Dean's list first semester only to fall off second semester. (It should be noted, however, these two are still extremely intelligent and overall remain in the top of the class.)
  • Three have gym memberships....... and contrary to popular belief all three actually use them. Or so they claim.


Litoralis said...

I read that expecting some sort of LSAT style multiple choice at the end like:
Which of the following are true:
(a) 3 of the research assistants also hate tax
(b) 1 of the law review members is on the hockey team
(c) 3 of the drunks are married
(d) a and c are true

dicta said...

i'd be interested to know who does what...but of course, i'm sure thats the point of not telling us in the post. i'm most interested in

- the one who isnt working during the school year (bravo, bitch)
- who has the doctorate, and in what
- who put their arm up a cow's ass
- the one who likes tax
- the one who loves cheese

Lawmommy said...

I was also expecting some LSAT style question at the end. It would have occupied time during torts...

Hey, who's got a kid?

Larceny Bitch said...

Here's an LSAT type question for you all. (I thought we all wanted to avoid another LSAT situation, but to make y'all happy....)

Which LawBitch (power of elimination people) considered herself to be the prude in the group, and yet did an entire team?

a) Calculating
b) Larceny
c) Classy
d) Anita
e) Reasonable peep
f) Sandra Gay

John Roberts said...

Larceny, that question isn't fair. Everyone knows the answer is me, if by "entire team" you mean "dead hookers and puppies"

First Year said...

That is a long list :) Thank you for providing enough reading to keep me from my work for quite a bit :)

Calculating Bitch said...

Litoralis - props to you for writing such a question. The answer is (d), of course. Perhaps if I'm bored in class tonight I'll come up with a challenge.

Dicta - We've dropped enough hints in the past that you could probably identify most of the characteristics. But that would require hours of pouring over our past posts. And surely you have better things do while sitting in class...

The one that isn't working this year is the same one with the doctorate (well, at least as soon as the thesis is finished).

The one who loves cheese is also one of the bloggers that studied abroad this summer. I'm pretty sure the lawbitch picked that destination just so plenty of cheese could be eaten.

As for the one that likes tax, well thats me. Surprise, surprise.

Lawmommy - Since I can't find any hints in prior posts, it's up to the lawbitch with the kid to share.

mike said...

Sounds like a happenin' bunch.

(Please note the sarcasm)