We've Failed Our Job as 3Ls

From: Sandra
To: Roberts, Calculating, Lance, Larceny

Subject: 1Ls are dicks.

They have gotten together in groups and taken every fucking study room in the library to study together for the LEGAL WRITING MIDTERM.

We haven’t raised them right. This reflects poorly on us.

From: Roberts
To: Sandra
Cc: Calculating, Lance, Larceny
Subject: Re: 1Ls are dicks.

Actually, I think they have done us a favor. If they are this nuts at midterms, I'm sure they will have tents in the library for finals which leaves us no choice but to study at a bar, where, I have it on good authority, they sell booze. Such an opportunity also lets us get back to our study group roots, namely, getting drunk at Larceny’s while making hypos about Sandra selling crack and ass to middle schoolers.

From: Larceny
To: Roberts, Sandra
Cc: Calculating, Lance
Subject: RE: 1Ls are dicks.

Now that sounds AWESOME. Those crack hypos made me understand much better, and also laugh in the middle of an exam.

That being said, those little fuckers are crazy.


E. McPan said...

This is why I don't give a midterm. I like to keep them panicking until finals. It builds more anticipation.

public defender said...

It didn't take me long to learn that whether you study a lot or a little, chances are you will wind up in the Giant B of the bell curve.