She'll Rue the Day*

To the dumb bitch who was sitting in 36A on the 3:45 pm flight from San Francisco,

Go. Fuck. Yourself.


PS - To top it all off, I saw you down those two mini-bottles of Bombay in the back of the plane. Way to be a complete drunk in front of your kids. Good call. Also, you are really at that age where your kids could easily be mistaken for your grandkids. Good job on doubly screwing them over.

To the LawBitches,

I got the dumb bitch's license plate number, which means I will soon have her name and address. She'll never know where it came from, so start compiling a list of ways in which we will terrorize her.

Yours Truly,

*I've always wanted to use the phrase "rue the day" in a blog post.


Larceny Bitch said...

I've decided I'm going to move to a cabin in the woods where I don't have to deal with people anymore. Who's with me? We can set up a satellite type law shop.

WTF happened Calculating? We're going to have a Law Bitch rebellion over here.

Harmless Error said...

I've ALWAYS wanted to not have to deal with people anymore!! Guess that's why I...moved to New York City. Aw, crap.

Anonymous said...

so are you biatches ever gonna reveal what law school u kids attend?

that way i know not to go there..seems like too many aggravating people there

April Elizabeth said...

cabin in the woods? more like cabin by the lake. That way you could plant a "garden" in the lake with the people, such as bombay-36A here. Just like the movie.