For Fuck's Sake

We just had to interrupt our Corporations class for five minutes so that the professor could instruct us on how to pass around the attendance sheet.

The saddest part is that she couldn't figure it out either so she's changed policy and we can sign it either five minutes before class or after class. If I sign it before class, there is a strong chance I won't be staying. If I sign it afterwards, I'll have to wait in line with the other 70+ people. Hopefully all the 2L gunners (redundant description?) will sign it before class in another fruitless attempt to kiss ass, despite the fact that we have blind grading.


Anonymous said...

Hmmm... 2L gunners... Seeing that the majority of 2Ls sit in the back of your Corporations class, and the 3Ls in the front. It would seem to me that there are fewer gunners than you think.

Larceny Bitch said...

Hey Claudia. Nice of you to drop by. But we were wondering, um.....Who are you? Are you a 2L? You're kinda outing yourself as a gunner. What are you doing reading and commenting on blogs? Shouldn't you be briefing cases, conjuring up asinine hypotheticals, committing Emmanuel's to know the usual stuff. Also, in no way did we say that being a gunner requires you to sit up front. In fact, the 2Ls have proven that to not be the case. Thank you for your time.