"If the 2Ls in this class fuck up the curve, I'm gonna stab somebody"*

[*Yes, this was actually said by one of the LawBitches (rather loudly) when walking into one of our required classes...]

Ah, the 2Ls. Even though we are only four days in they have provided amusement to no end. It kills us as we sit in class behind all of them, listening to them discussing the reading (fifteen minutes before class starts), and staring at their 5 pages of typed book notes on their laptop screens (again, prior to the first class). Don't you know that you are no longer 1Ls? Knock it off!

I certainly hope we were never like that last year. What is wrong with the class of 2009?

The first day of school…

Calculating: I think there are so many gunners in this class that the odds of getting called on are virtually zero

Giggles: yeah

Giggles: i vote the girl in the third row from the front, middle far right side tries first

Giggles: she's my middle square

2 minutes later

Giggles: i can cross off my middle square

Calculating: lol. That didn't take long

Calculating: why is she the free square?

Giggles: because the easiest one is always the middle

23 minutes later

Giggles: ok... annoying. stop trying to be funny

Calculating: no kidding

Giggles: man... i really just need to line those people all up on the board and I would have a bingo almost already

Giggles: screw filling in the rest of the board

Calculating: fantasy gunner is better then bingo because you go the entire semester and you get to draft your players

Giggles: yeah. but how do you draft people you don’t know the names of — like all of the 2Ls?

Calculating: well, sneak a peek at the seating chart

Giggles: ask for a copy

Giggles: in order to get to know our 2L better

Calculating: yeah, question is are there more 2L or 3L gunners in this class?

Calculating: do you realize the only 3Ls in the first five rows of the class are on law review?

Giggles: oh sad

Giggles: there just aren't that many 3ls in here

The second day of school…

Larceny: These little 2Ls are funny. They snipe at each other.

Larceny: One girl kept saying the wrong name. And Lance and I noticed it and were like whatever

Larceny: And then someone raised their hand and was like "she is saying the WRONG name"

Larceny: And emphasized it and she said, "I'm sorry, I understood that it was this way" kinda cranky-like

Calculating: who is it?

Larceny: Yeah, cause I would know that. The chick has [insert description that is too close for the comfort of the semi-anonymity of this blog here]

Calculating: omigod I think that might be the same one that was driving nuts in my class too.

Larceny: She's kinda dumb

Larceny: Says things without reading/thinking at first

Calculating: yeah, she was trying way too hard to be funny in class today...

Larceny: the prof keeps asking her questions and she's pretty confused

Larceny: For such go-getters, they're not THAT smart

Larceny: My favorite part is that Lance and I knew that she made the mistake like a half hour ago, but decided that IM and the internet were more important

The third day of school…

Roberts: its great having 2Ls in class though

Roberts: they are all trying so hard

Roberts: and Larceny and i are picking nicknames for them

Calculating: you need to get a student directory from last year and cross out their real names, so I can figure out who you are talking about

Roberts: lol

Calculating: ask Larceny if the gunner from crim pro is in corps too

Roberts: so far there is k-fed, Captain Scribe, and the Weiner King and his Court

Calculating: ?

Roberts: k-fed looks like he should have been in an adult GED class

Roberts: Larceny really hates the weiner king

Roberts: i think he is hilarious

Calculating: lol. I kind of want to know who these people are but maybe it's best if I don

Roberts: The weiner king really is the king of all weiners. his voice, his slang, his mannerisms, his face.

Roberts: i bet he is awesome at chess

Roberts: Captain Scribe did casebriefs for the reading!!!!

Larceny: I told Roberts that the weiner king was kind of creepy and douchey

Larceny: "Like a frat boy that will corner you in a hallway and try to make you drink in the hopes that finally some girl will let him touch her boobies"

Calculating: oh, god, I know who it is — he is a bit outspoken as well

Larceny: "Outspoken" is not the word I would have used for him

Larceny: I like douche-y better

Larceny: I think it may be the combo of the suit + memorized restatement = douchey

Calculating: lol

Larceny: "When I was working at blah blah blah this summer...."

Calculating: the 2Ls are doing that already?

Calculating: I thought that was reserved for pretentious 3Ls

Larceny: Nope, apparently not

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