Bitched Out

Let me just start: "Sandra Gay is a big fat bitch. She's the biggest bitch in the whole wide world." (sung in D-minor).

Now that I have that Cartman moment out of my way, I must inform our dear readers that Sandra Gay bitched out on me yesterday. As she is now practicing "Big Law," I have taken it upon myself to take her out and teach her how to take it like a man on the tennis court. It is, after all, an important legal skill to know how to lose gracefully to your Senior Partners.

But Sandra Gay, afraid of having her proverbial salad tossed on the tennis court, bitched out on me. Something about walking barefoot uphill both ways while it is snowing or some shit like that.

Well, Sandra, whenever you're ready, I'm here. I'll even bring the lube.

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Anonymous said...

as a person who might be attending law school in the future, i have been reading your posts...but never has an entry been about anal sex,as mentioned by Swinging Kennedy.

basically, i would like you to post a sodomy entry