Now and Then (Also a great Christina Ricci movie)

The LawBitches start back to school on Monday. Can you sense my excitement? Unfortunately, as our last year, it’s the last time we can have a flexible schedule and get to use work as an excuse to get out of school functions and school stuff to get out of work. It’s the last time I can legitimately take countless days off with no questions asked for no reason at all. I went to our school today to run some before school errands, and as I watched all the 1Ls going through their orientation, I realized the difference 2 years make, and how different my preparation (or lack thereof) for this year is from my 1L Year. To illustrate, here is a rundown of what I was doing at this time two years ago, and what I am doing now.

1L Year: Had already done all of the required readings for the first day of class

Now: Readings?

1L Year: Had purchased (like 3 weeks prior) all the required books (and even some recommended) BRAND NEW

Now: Oh right, books. Crap. First, attempted to see which of the LawBitches already had a book or two (Calculating was good enough to give up her Corporations book, and she only cried a little), then proceed to go online and find cheap used books, and get the cheapest available, regardless of highlighting/torn covers/blah blah who cares just get the damned book. Still can’t find two books, am considering just not reading them.

1L Year: Had the book list and assignments already printed out from my schedule

Now: My book list is on a post it. Somewhere. I actually couldn’t find it when I intended to go to the bookstore today, so I said screw it and assumed I’d figure it out. And when I say book list, I mean some random scratches on paper that would somehow direct me to the right books.

1L Year: Excited and anxious.

Now: Eh.

1L Year: Bought new pencils, pens, highlighters, folders, a portfolio and a date book.

Now: Well, I was at Target yesterday so I got colorful pens. I’m going to use them to write nasty notes to Lance Ito during Criminal Procedure and Swinging Kennedy and John Roberts during Corporations (well, when we’re not at the bar during that class).

1L Year: Set up my (new) laptop with various folders and programs for use at school (AIM and Google Chat were not included).

Now: I have an impressive collection of blog and game links. Oh, and celebrity gossip pages. What?

Other than the fact that this has made me realize just what a f-ing dweeb I was when I started first year, it also makes me wistful whenever I see one of our new 1Ls devotedly reading their first year books with gusto. They’re so cute. Of course, I see them reading and think, “Hey, I wonder when the first LawBitches happy hour of the year will be.”

Good luck 1Ls! (And download AIM immediately).


Miss Foxy said...

And so I should ignore all the threats against "electronic grazing"?

Lance Ito said...

Like you are actually going to "write" me a note with a colorful pen, this isn't grade school. We will pass the notes the proper way...over IM.

John Roberts said...

I still haven't bought my books. I was feeling pretty proud that I know my schedule. And by know, I mean have written down.

Calculating Bitch said...

I got the security guards to hang up the "Buy your pool pass now and get free towel service for the year" sign today. I can't wait to see how many overeager 1Ls fall for that one this year. (Apparently the two that fell for it last year still are pretty sheepish around security...)

Also, word among the administration is that this bunch is even more jumpy and lost then the norm for's going to be a fun year!

Larceny Bitch said...

Because Lance, naughty nasty notes that I leave for you in various places will get you in trouble with the wifey, ;)

You know, kinda like you and Anita and the hotel.

prettylawchick said...

I love that movie!


The Swinging Kennedy said...

yeah... saw them reading at the library like a week ago... wanted to drown them like puppies. seriously. let the ravaging begin.

also, Larceny, we have two whole classes together in which I can receive all of your naughtiness. You know how I like it...