Highs and Lows of 2L Year

In commemoration of finishing yet ANOTHER year of law school it was time to bring you, four dear readers (yep, we’ve moved from 3 to 4 readers), the highs and lows of the 2L year. Without further ado:


High: I have sat here for 20 minutes staring at this fucking cursor. I can't think of one substantial high from this year except for the fact that in three days it will be over. Yep, I got nothing. Which pretty much means that for all you 1L's out there who think it's soooooo awful being a 1L? You're screwed.

Low: Um...realizing that I totally fucked myself by working 2 jobs AND taking a full load. Oh, and it turns out? No drinking on the job.


High: Realizing that once I stopped stressing by preparing for class law school was actually a lot of fun. Oooh, and having six weeks off between finals and starting my summer job.

Low: Getting permanently 86ed from the local liquor store. Oh, wait, that hasn’t happened — yet. Real low was probably not getting the ed board position on journal that I thought I so desperately wanted at the time. (The reality is that after seeing how much work the person who did get the job is already doing, I think my classmates did me a favor).

John Roberts

High: N/A

Low: Everything


High: To be determined (probably actually getting a paying job for the summer in exactly what I want to do or being done with my 2nd year)

Low: Trying to get a job via OCI is one of the most demoralizing experiences. No matter what the Career Person tells everyone: "Lots of people get jobs through OCI!!!" That is absolutely not true. Unless you are on Law Review or in the top 10% (preferably both), don't bother trying. (For example, I had 8 interviews and 3 callbacks...but no job).


High: First day of class, professor brings out colored markers and tells us we're going to have arts and crafts today. And people say law school is hard.

Low: Writing the Appellate brief fall semester, I really hated that damned thing.

Reasonable Peep

Highs: Getting a job for the summer; Proving to myself that I can be a lawyer; Acing the exam that made me cry; Regaining my self esteem

Lows: Not seeing my friends as much because our schedules do not jive; Participating in OCI only to NOT get a job; Actually crying after an exam


High: Getting to take a few classes with each of my fellow bitches and passing the MPRE.

Low: Finding out that someone who comes an hour late to a final still gets to take the final and without penalty.


Andrea said...
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Andrea said...

Okay, so I've been reading the blog "in it but not of it" (formerly "barley legal".) In the blog they have mostly been talking about the fact that law students aren't getting jobs after graduation. Do any of you have opinions about this?

Anonymous said...

i think law school is becoming a thing for women, like teaching, majoring in english, and other careers requiring writing and lots of talking.

anywho, i dont think i want to do law school anymore. I want be a man and become an engineer or something.

sorry i had to vent. wait, which one of you BITCHES is the hottest one? yay, i can call you bitches and get away with it.

Forsoothsayer said...

i'm here to tell you that it's gonna be ok (if you leave north america). also, everything you blogged about in law school that you thought was funny won't seem that hilarious once you're out of the hate haze.