The Highs and Lows of the 1L Year

Now that we’ve been blogging for an entire four months, and are in the throes of the last of our 1L finals, its about time that the crew here at There’s No Competition brought you a retrospective. When asked what the highs and lows were of the first year of law school, here is how each responded:

HIGH Point: discovering pink is the new blog, OR finding out that I really can consume 194 oz of Diet Mountain Dew in one criminal law class....

LOW Point: discovering my tolerance has completely bottomed out since i no longer have any time for drinking.

HIGH Point: Graduating magna cum laude from law school, passing the bar without studying, and taking my spot as Partner at the largest firm in town – all in a short 11 months.

LOW Point: Waking up and realizing it was all dream, drinking an entire bottle of Jameson and spending the rest of the day worshipping the porcelain god. Hmmm, actually, I guess that’s not really different from any other day in law school.

HIGH Point: Finding out after fighting a traffic ticket that people were intimidated by me
LOW Point: Finding out that was NOT something cool

HIGH Point: Getting a Summer Associate position

LOW Point: still not being paid enough for my skillz

HIGH Point: Learning that the place in which I will be working this summer has unlimited Westlaw access, which means I can defer learning how to research any other way for at least another year. Sweet, addictive, manipulative Westlaw, together again...

LOW Point: The day that every bitch here found out together that we were having Prof. Intense Socratic Method for Property. (Later she would be known as Prof. Crazy Aunt - she wasn't that bad, just a little nutty - in a good way)

John Roberts
HIGH Point: Making Sandra Gay laugh so hard during Civ Pro she had to leave the room.

LOW Point: Getting so distracted by chat in Con Law that I forgot I had my hand up, leaving me with nothing to say when I got called on.

Sandra Gay
HIGH Point: Chatting online with some of the world’s funniest people.

LOW Point: (while chatting furiously and not paying attention in class – please note: I was not paying attention AT ALL, so I am not positive about the exact question the Professor asked, but this is the close version recounted to me by a classmate….)
Prof: “So the Jehovah’s Witnesses are an example of a group of people who refuse medical t treatment in terms of blood transfusions and the like. Anyone know of any other religious group that adheres to similar principles?”
Me: (raised my hand, was called on) “I hear the Jehovah’s Witnesses don’t do blood

HIGH Point: The 13 hour Civ Pro marathon in October which brought our study group closer than I ever expected. Nothing like pressure and a common enemy to bring a bunch of type A personalities together.

LOW Point: Being told by our ConLaw professor that we should reconsider our decision to pursue law. I guess that was his Kingsfield moment – glad we could accommodate him.

There appears to be a pattern here: not one of us actually has something that is directly related to learning the law. Does that tell you anything about our experience in law school?


Danny Haszard said...

The Jehovah's Witnesses bogus blood transfusion ban has caused the death of thousands of followers.

They are about to get nailed with litigation for defrauding millions of followers.Something for a law student to consider.Cheers,Danny Haszard

dicta said...

1L HIGH: winning $20 at poker night

1L LOW: property, torts, contracts, crim law, civ pro, con law, legal writing, and/or legal research


2L HIGH: started dating my girlfriend (of course a non law student)

2L LOW: realizing i have to sell tupperware this summer. you're just jealous that i've been chatting with hot babes online all day.

Claire MacGregor said...

HIGH: Walking out of my Legal Research final knowing I nailed it.

LOW: Realizing that one credit is going to do nothing to offset my four credit class grades... Either that or Legal Writing... God I hate my prof!