Two Minute Update

So, as you might have all guessed, finals are long over, a few of our grades are in, hundreds of pages of textbooks ended up in a bonfire, and all of the LawBitches are working for the summer. We're not about to get into the game of blogging about our jobs/employers/co-workers. There may be an occasional quip here or there, but really we have virtually nothing interesting* to talk about if we are not in school and not talking about our jobs.

Given that, I guess you can expect the LawBitches to be pretty quiet over the summer. We'll be back in full force in August though, so stay tuned. For some reason I think our 3L year is going to be the year of craziness, as we really no longer care about studying (yes, for most of us the slide started last semester), we're working while in school, and we've committed ourselves to a lot of other things.

So where are the Bitches going to be at this summer? Well...

Five are continuing jobs that they held during the school year.
Two are working jobs that they actually held last summer.
Three are working in various positions for the county.
Three are working in small firms where they are either the sole or one of two law clerks.
Two (possibly three) are working exactly in the fields that they plan on going into after graduation.
Two don't start their jobs until June.
Six have been submersed in work since two days after finals ended. (Sucks to be you guys).
None of the LawBitches are working in jobs that are even remotely similar to one another -- meaning every one is in a different practice area. (Hmm, maybe we could start our own firm someday).
Six of the Bitches are already getting into the habit of meeting for happy hour. It's going to be a great summer!

*I guess interesting is relative, because to most people the stuff we blog about isn't even remotely interesting at all...


some guy said...

I'm jealous. Enjoy it because next summer's going to be fucking miserable. I just graduated and am studying for the bar now and I wish I was dead.

Grace said...

I too, am studying for the bar. I too, wish I was dead. Enjoy your summer. I want to stab my eyes out.