A recent email:
"I'm a 1.5L, or something like that, at an overpriced school in the midwest, the kind of 25K per year school that the US NEWS AND WORLD REPORT pisses on during their yearly rankings. Instead of preparing for summer classes in Evid, Pro. Res., and some lame seminar, I thought I would search for underaged Thai porn and somehow, this linked to your blog. It is in my favorites, and made me laugh out loud. Thanks for sharing this with all of your other fellow law students."

A few thoughts about above fanmail:

Reasonable Peep: "
Underage Thai porn? Hmm...what is the connection? "

Roberts: "
Underaged Thai porn? Obviously we are doing something VERY wrong. It's my hope that we can turn the blog around and only have the blog pop up as a result for classy searches, like double amputee midget stocking fetishist "art" films."

Larceny: "
Can I just say how proud I was to read that we are a search result for Underaged Thai porn? I think a tear went to my eye. That being said, I still have the nylon porn (fuckin' Sandra and Peep) so he's not totally off."

Calculating: "Hmmm, I wonder what he was looking for. Well, I'm glad he found us. The fact that he's even sober enough to send us an email, despite being in law school during the summer, means that he obviously needs our help."

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Guy Fawkes said...

Unfortunately, I think The War of All Against All might now be searchable using the string "sexually frustrated crocodile" as a result of my anger following our Evidence exam :/