Common Sense, Anyone?

As a wise friend (Anita) recently said, "I'm sick of having to compensate for the incompetence of others."

Of course I agree. For some reason I figured that in law school I'd be surrounded by brillant people, who vastly outweighed me in their intelligence. There are some really smart people here, but apparently they let almost anybody into law school who has a pulse and can take a standardized test well. Being a good test taker does not mean you are smart.

Being smart has something to do with having common sense. Something happened the other day that made me think back to my days of waiting tables. I had a four top with one woman who was being incredibly picky. She ordered a salad, and asked me if we had any dressings that did not have sugar in them. She then informed me that she was on this special diet and could not have sugar. Thinking that she was diabetic, or something along those lines, I promised to find her a dressing without sugar. I went back into the walkin and proceeded to read the ingredients on all 13 of our salad dressings. They all had sugar. I went and filled in my manager, and he said he'd make something for the woman that didn't have sugar. He proceeded to roll up his sleeves and go to work on the back line.

The table's food came up, so I brought it all out to the table, and presented the special salad dressing to the woman on the no-sugar diet. She thanked me and promptly dug into her salad. Later, I returned to the table to clear away plates and offer after-dinner drinks. Special diet lady looked at me and said, "Can I get a chocolate shake please?"

For some reason I remember this moment each time I'm faced with incompetence. Don't make me go out of my way for you because you tell me you can't have sugar, and then turn around and order a chocolate shake for dessert.

Why should I have to compensate for you being a moron?

Why is it that you are so smart that you can get an A on a law school final but you can't hold a two minute conversation?

How did you get into law school without knowing what esquire meant?

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