Driving Me To Drink

A cumulation of events in the last 36 hours that have driven me to drink:
  • The university is closed next Monday due to a holiday, yet last night as class was wrapping up, my prof says: "I'm going to be in China on the 16th so instead of having class that night we'll have it next Monday when there is no school." The eighteen of us just sat there, brain dead from the last two hours. Finally, someone says: "Wait, we're having class on Easter Monday when the university is closed?" His nod was our death sentence.
  • Found out I was selected to apply for a unique job opportunity. The catch? The app is due tomorrow.
  • Was assigned three cases (1-page, 6-pages and 30-pages on Westlaw), a law review article and two sections of the book for the class that has been the bane of my existence this semester.* Supposed to be read by 9 am tomorrow. Not usually a problem because I don't ever read for this class. However, there is no blind grading in this drafting-based class and when the professor makes a point to say: "And you'd better be prepared because if I call on anyone of you, and I can tell you didn't read the cases, I will lower your grade." (He gives out few good grades as is.) The kicker? Updated announcement at 6 pm today: "The 1-page cite I gave you was only the order for that case. You need to read the full opinion." Another 32-pages. At this point I'd just not go, but I've already used my 3 absences. Still haven't started.
  • I have an executive position on our student council and manage all the funding for student organizations. Without going into to too many details, lets just say that I've received a lot of last-minute requests in the last few days and now 1L my committee members are deciding to object to the funding. Which leads to appeals processes and special meetings and the 2Ls and 3Ls threatening to quit and a ton of extra work for me and DOESN'T ANYONE UNDERSTAND THAT THERE ARE ONLY 3 WEEKS LEFT IN THE SEMESTER AND I'M JUST DOING WHAT I CAN TO MAKE IT UNTIL FINALS AND THE NEW EXECUTIVE TAKES OVER AT THE END OF NEXT WEEK?!
  • Oh, and after a brief jump in temperatures last Monday, its been gloomy here ever since. I haven't seen the sun for 6 days.
To the 3Ls out there, I don't know how you are doing it. I had no motivation before Spring Break and even less now. Is there such a thing as the senior slide in law school? If things are this bad now, what is third year going to be like? Sigh.

I'll do another shot for all of us.

*The details of this class are best saved for another post. It's been in the works since the beginning of the semester.


John Roberts said...

I totally think there is the senior slide in law school. True to form, my slide has started before my "senior" year.

dicta said...

oh there's a slide alright. most students use it for drinking, but our bars here are terrible so i use it for golfing (though i do drink on the course) and gambling (both on cards and golf). ironically, last semester's grades were my best in all of law school so far. so there's hope!

Butterflyfish said...

I don't know about the slide, but I do know I'm not running for SBA!

alex_slander the gr8 said...

Its not so much a slide as it is a thud, like when your head slams on the table after falling asleep in class. For the second time.

Anonymous said...

drink you must

btw, female lawyers are hot, even when they are not...something about them in uniform. you have much power...

...Al Gore for president!