Today Would Have Been a Good Day to Skip Class

Ever have one of those classes where you leave the room feeling like your head just exploded?
Room 321: that’s the room where the remnants of my brain are left splattered on the wall.
My Estate Planning Prof filled up three huge whiteboards with a diagram that looked like something out of Good Will Hunting. He lost us all after about five minutes, yet his explanation continued on for over fifty. Credit trusts, marital shares, disclaimers, equalization clauses, pecuniary, definitional gifts and twelve IRC sections later, he says, “That was way too easy. Now let’s complicate things…”
I looked around me at the stunned students and started laughing. He wasn’t joking. Yet, I kept laughing. Loudly. He didn't seem phased.
Frantic IMing and emailing ensued:
This is infuckingcredible.”
Are we secretly on Boiling Points right now? 'cause if they want to come out and say, congratulations you didn't throw a temper fit, here is $100 I would be okay with that.”
“I don't know what is going on. I’m scared.”
Calculating: “I think I just lost it. My marbles that is.”
Broad-Shouldered Law Student (BSLS): “You and everyone else. I hope we won't be asked to do this on the test.”
Calculating: “There is no test. Thank God.”
BSLS: “But we do have to do something. Hopefully it's something like opening a savings account.”
Shoegirl: “I'm sooo glad I took cold pills before this.”
Calculating: “
Nice and numb, huh?”
Shoegirl: “
oh yeah, everything's just pretty”
Calculating: “I had a terrible headache before class started but now I think my head will explode.”
LittleMiss: “Well lucky you, because then you won't be able to hear him anymore.”

But it wasn’t over yet. Class ended 30 minutes later with the prof finishing up by saying, “See how important and exciting this spot on the drafting tour is?”

I left the class, still laughing. I think he broke my brain.


Guy Fawkes said...

I KNEW it was a bad idea to listen to our Property prof when she espouses the merits of her Estate Planning class.

Molly said...
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