Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow

Larceny Bitch: Good lord, it looks like a frozen hell out there
John Roberts: omg
John Roberts: thank goodness i got to school when i did
John Roberts: i wouldnt want to walk in that
Larceny Bitch: No kidding!
John Roberts: also
John Roberts: i am super thankful that the snow started just in time to strand me at school rather than keep me home
Larceny Bitch: lol, why
John Roberts: i was being sarcastic :)
Larceny Bitch: oh
Larceny Bitch: Man, if I saw this out there right now and I was at home, I sure as hell would not be going to Jurisprudence
John Roberts: maybe you shouldnt got anyway
Larceny Bitch: I was all pissed this morning they didn't cancel school, because I knew it was going to get worse, and by then I'd have to make it home
John Roberts: you should skip anyway
John Roberts: otherwise you will be stranded
Larceny Bitch: I still have to go to work and get this court shit filed, unfortunately
John Roberts: oh that sucks
Larceny Bitch: I was hoping that school would be cancelled so I could go into work early and finish that up and then stay home
John Roberts: yeah
Larceny Bitch: I'm still praying afternoon classes are cancelled
John Roberts: i was hoping that school would be canceled so i could stay home in my PJs and veg out
Larceny Bitch: lol
Larceny Bitch: There is that too
John Roberts: oh that would be great. i hate crappy class
Larceny Bitch: I think they should cancel afternoon classes so I can go over to Local Wine Bar
Larceny Bitch: that sounds like a much better afternoon
John Roberts: how will you get home in this frozen death if have a glass of wine?
Larceny Bitch: Well, I wasn't going to go right after I drank it
Larceny Bitch: Also, I was trying to talk Lance Ito into doing it tomorrow, but now Im thinking I don't want to come at all tomorrow
Larceny Bitch: Professor already gave us an out for class
John Roberts: nice
John Roberts: i would stay home and watch dr phil
Larceny Bitch: Exactly
John Roberts: the snow got less crazy
Larceny Bitch: Oh, damn
John Roberts: class needs to get canceled, don't you know that mother nature?
Larceny Bitch: Yeah, she's really not helping with that
John Roberts: i know. what a bitch
Larceny Bitch: Well, I'll start praying it snows harder again
John Roberts: dear jesus, if you make it snow real hard, i wont masturbate for 4 whole hours and i will sacrifice a goat in your honor
John Roberts: the snow is going better now

We just got word that classes are canceled this afternoon. I guess I better find a goat.

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Larceny Bitch said...

Ha! My classes for tomorrow have been cancelled by the profs. I better get a goat too.