St. Valentine's Day Massacre

So something happened yesterday that I'm still a bit too bitter to blog in detail about. Let's just suffice it to say that, with pretty much everything in life, I play by the rules and basically do what is expected of me. (Which is probably why it is often my alter persona who is doing the blogging.)

Here is the tail end of the conversation that I had with Lance about my Valentine's Day:

Calculating: The more I think about, the more I feel like perhaps I was just a pawn in a chess game.

So, now [by not following everyone's expectations] you basically flipped over the chess game, pieces everywhere, and gave everyone the finger.

So I'm learning. A little piece of advice: playing life by the rules all the time sucks, and sometimes you need to flip the board over and start over again. Or knock all the Lincoln logs down and start re-building the cabin. Or blow up a building... No, really, I'm not that bitter.


Butterflyfish said...

wow, the details to this one must be fun.

also, blowing up buildings reminded me of Fight Club.

Anastasia said...

I guess this means no more "Ms.-Nice-Calculating-Bitch, huh?

I say you mess with their mind and alternate between leaving anonymous threats and love letters on their windshield.

Either that or every time you're talking in group semi-quietly ask them if they've remembered to take their medication/how the AA meetings are going/if the test results have come back yet.

BabyBarista said...

Like the blog. I've added a link on my own which is a fictional diary of a pupil barrister in England (see Cross links much appreciated though no worries if not. Best wishes, BabyBarista