Julia Roberts Was of No Help, So I Googled It...

So this is by no means a substitute for a real post and I hate only posting this "hey-look-what-I-found-on-sitemeter" bullshit, but seeing this search made me laugh aloud:

"How To Be a Good Prostitute"

Which makes me wonder:
1) Who searches for this type of thing?
  • A pimp looking for an article to give to his girls?
  • A whore who was told that she sucked at her job?
  • A desperate husband hoping to give some pointers to his wife?
  • A poor law student thinking about becoming an escort?
2) What exactly are they looking for?
  • Basic Instructions: how to turn a trick?
  • Marketing Techniques: how to target rich men in classy cars
  • Management Techniques: how to master your street corner?
  • Maximizing Profits: how not to turn all of your money over to your pimp and the IRS?
3) Why does our site come up under this search?
  • This is purely rhetorical, for I actually know where this search ends on our site. In our responses to What We Want to Be When We Grow Up we apparently have all of these words. Yep, I'm glad that ambition, class, and grace aren't holding us back.

1 comment:

nicolle said...

hahahaha...i heart spying on people's internet searches. i have a "how they got here" toy on my blog, and i leave it up there just to see the random google searches people do to find my blog.