The fight.......

No complaining (dicta), we've already posted twice keep reading (below this post) we meet a Supreme Court the meantime....we fight.

Over here at the LawBitch’s school, we had an “incident.” This “incident” made it around the school in less than 24 hours. Let’s just say, we’re pretty sure this 1L is gonna want to transfer schools. Here’s the story (at least the version heard by the LawBitches).

So a couple of 3Ls and 2Ls were in a study room in the library. An important thing to know is that our school has several floors, only one of which is noise friendly. The rest of them are “quiet zones.” So, the 2L and 3L group was hanging out on one of these quiet zone floors, in a study room. They were talking, hanging out, doing the usual 2L/3L stuff (i.e. not studying, cause we don’t really care anymore.) So anyway, a 1L, yes a 1L, walked up to one of the 3Ls and started yelling in his face to shut up, screaming at him that this was “a quiet zone!” Then, the 1L ran over to the librarian and told the librarian that a bunch of other students were being too loud. So the 3L went over to him and apparently a few of his little 1L friends who were also upset and said (and this is not verbatim) “I’m sorry if we upset you guys, but this is where we have always hung out, we’ve been here for a few years, and it’s what we’ve always done. We didn’t mean to upset you.” To this, the 1L walked up to the 3L and proceeded to scream in his face, all the while calling him various names, such as “trust fund baby.” The 3L, in ever-calm, I could care less 3L fashion, just stood there and calmly tried to get the 1L to calm down.

It apparently got quite heated, and the 1L was in the 3L’s face and yelling. Eventually, another friend of the 3L came between them, turned to the 1L and said fairly calmly, “Look, back off or I will break your skull.” To which the 1L went and told the dean that some students were “being mean to him,” and had “threatened him.” Yes, very mature, go tell "your mommy."

No, the LawBitches were not in the group, I was not the one that threatened him (although it does seem to fit my personality, I know). No one really knows who the 1L is, but we mean to find out. Because the next day, the school sent out an email to the entire student body that we needed to “respect one another” and “remember the quiet zone.” So the 2Ls and 3Ls are walking around in the library saying “Better be quiet, a 1L might kick your ass.” And then laughing hysterically. The kid might want to change schools. Just a thought


dicta said...

that is awesome! and that kid deserves a beatdown. it's people who take themselves too seriously that are the funniest. unfortunately, that tends to be a lot of law students.

and i wasnt even going to complain!

LawStudentGuyPerson said...

No, no beatdown. You need to encourage this kid's behavior at every turn, if only subtly. He'll run himself into the ground before too long, which is way better than taking him down.

Legal Bachelor said...

the AUDACITY is astounding. who's the trust fund baby here?

on the other hand, if i'm in that 1L's class, i'm really glad that kid will be in the "so-freaked-out-they-break-down-before-the-exam-and-fail-miserably" contingent.

Megz said...

Pretty much the greatest story I've ever, ever heard. We had a couple of smackdowns at school recently, involving someone picking thru leftover salads with her bare hands in the law school caf. Good think no one is high strung or socially retarded at law school.