WTF is Wrong with the People who Wrote the Federal Income Tax Code?

So I am doing my Federal Income Tax homework, and like every other time, it is some tedious shit. The homework pretty much involves looking up different sections of the code in our book. Our book consists of a "pared down" version of the federal income tax code. Even though it is pared down, it still comes in around 12,000 pages.

So as I am doing the homework, I am having to flip back and forth through the book from section to section, and I wonder why in the holy fucking hell do I have to jump hundreds of pages back and forth to deal with one subject instead of having all the rules for that subject listed together (or maybe even just 50 pages apart)?

My guess is that the people who wrote the code are either:
a) stroke survivors barely capable of wiping themselves
b) people who think that scavenger hunts make "great team building exercises"
c) people so fucking sick that they still wouldn't use their safeword even though their cock ring got twisted so far their testicles just blasted out the bottom of their scrotum

a) is right out. Sure, the authors are government employees so you expect bottom of the barrel types, but even the government has standards (unlike say, Paris Hilton).

b) is also out, because people who believe in "great team building exercises" torture people in the private sector as middle managers.

That leaves c) as the only option, which if you think about it makes sense. If you don't start out as a sick fuck when you get a job writing the tax code, you certainly will end up one by the time you finish. I guess they should rename it the IRS&M.


dicta said...

not only that, but they so obviously write the code to benefit themselves. for example, the people who write the code can depreciate their cock rings under section 167(a)(2). their cock rings are property held for the production of income since the rings allow them to fuck the general public in the ass longer, which is of course, their job.

eff said...

...which is why im never taking tax. there is whole industry of people who's job is to know tax...and im not gonna be part of it

maybe i should take Texas income tax...cause you know, it doesnt exist

Larceny Bitch said...

This is why I slept in rather than go to Tax today. It was glorious. I am just going to hire people to do this stuff for me.