One Black Binder Clip

Has anyone else heard about the red paper clip guy? Nothing like taking the paperclip off of your resume and trading it up to get a house.

Except from ABCNews:
Kyle MacDonald's goal was simple — to trade one red paper clip all the way up to a house. The 26-year-old Canadian began his quest almost a year ago. He had no job, but he had the paper clip and a Web site.
"Trade one red paper clip for one fish pen," MacDonald said, "for one door knob, for one camping stove, for one generator, for one instant party, for one snowmobile, for one trip to Yahk [in British Columbia, Canada], for one cube van, for one recording contract, for one year of rent in Phoenix, for an afternoon with Alice Cooper."

I think it’s an interesting concept, and now I’m thinking instead of OCI, I’ll start with a black binder clip and try to trade my way into a law clerk job for next summer.

What do you think my chances are?


Scalito said...

Is this your way of getting back the binder clip you give me a few weeks back?

Jeez...all you had to do was ask!

Calculating Bitch said...

You can keep the binder exchange for your first born.

I'll bet that your daughter could bring about an interesting for $50K on the black market? Then I wouldn't even need the law clerk job. Why work when I'd already have the money?

Christian said...

You should do this, but do it only with law school related objects... Like I'll trade you a my (insert unsaleable end of semester text book here) for your binder clip.