Know your role, bitch...

I have just been handed two gigantic assignments, so instead of working on them I have decided to post on an interesting observation made here at Law Firm X.

Law Firm X is on the move, and in our lunch room there are "samples" of the carpeting/wall paper/furnishings for the new place plastered on the wall. Most of the samples look nice, but the funny thing is, each area is distinguished from other areas by rank. Support staff get one type of carpet/wall paper, associates/partners get a different type of carpeting, and partners get their very own distinctive wall paper. I think it came down to everyone must know their role and place in the firm and there is no fucking way a partner is going to have the exact same office as an associate. I imagine the meeting to determine all of this went down something like this...

Partner #1: [after presenting the initial ideas about the furnishings to the partners and associates] So what does everyone think?

Associate #1: I like it, I'm glad we all have similar offices.

Partner #2: [finally paying attention and realizing his corner office is going to be decked out exactly like an associates] What?? That is entirely unacceptable. We need to figure out a way to distinguish partners who bill at a higher rate from the associates who bill at a lower rate. Not to mention that me being here for over 20 years versus Associate #1 being here for 2 years, that has to account for something? Does anyone have a problem with this?

Associate #1: ... [refusing to look partner in the eye...]

Partner #1: Ok, fine. How about the partners getting their own distinctive wall paper?

Partner #2: Good, I feel much better now. I think this meeting is adjourned.

Associate #1: ...

Its good to know that we can all be distinguished by wall paper.

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Lily Graypure said...

It's very Devil Wears Prada. Which, by the way, I've decided not to see because the book was bad, and movies are never as good as books, so why spend the money?