This is why I could never be a teacher.......

Okay, so Sandra Gay and I are team teachers in a program where we go to a local high school and teach students about how the law affects their lives. (Like they care) We have seriously avoided it for the last 3 weeks, but must go back today. Both of us woke up this morning fairly happy thinking, “hey, our brief is done, today we can go to class and then come home and sleep.” And about halfway through each of our mornings, a light finally came on and we both exclaimed: “F---! We have to teach!”

I have to note for all of you, that we are teaching at an alternative, alternative high school. (Meaning our students got kicked out of alternative schools – yeah.) Which means all they really care about is Criminal Law. And we can’t teach that til the end cause it’s all we got to hold on to their attention. Which also means everything else bores them (and us).

Employment Law: “I don’t need to work, I’ll just get on welfare.” Brilliant plan. Housing Law: “It’s not as hard as you guys say to get out on your own. My homies will help me.” Good luck with that kid. Family law: “She can’t make me pay child support, I just won’t get a job!” Population control is a great idea. And finally Constitutional Law: “We like the right to bear arms right thing!” Of course you do.

So today we are going back, and you can imagine how excited we are about it. I’m sure it’ll be a great class on Immigration law – I can see it now “Why the f do we need to let more people here?!” The only thing that could make this impending headache better is if our adviser came: she of the emails “Let me know if you guys need more help okay???? Good job with classes!!!!! Thanks!!!!!” (And yes, the punctuation is accurate, and she is a future lawyer) Pray for us. We're going to need it.

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bailarĂ­n de destello said...

Well you could always teach a sports class at an alternative high school like i do, teaching students game strategy - like how to put the opposition off to get the upper hand, my studnets came up with 'i can see your pubes' you know what, it works!!!