Time Management, anyone?

My Rant for the Day...

Today, noon: Summary judgment brief due.

Today, 10:30 am: Class. Only 30 out of 75 people are there.

Can't anyone manage their time? Come on people, if you really need that last hour and half to finish your brief, you're screwed. We've had the assignment for 30 days. I'm not saying that you need to be done with it days ago or anything, but realistically if you are still working on it an hour before it is due you are a) extremely neurotic or b) you just don't have any idea how to manage your time.

I could understand the argument that you didn't have time to prepare for class today, but the prof told us yesterday that she would not be employing the Socratic method. It was a freebie...

Oh, by the way, for those of you who skipped today, she gave us some answers to the final. No, you cannot have my notes. Yes, I'm being a bitch.


dicta said...

i hear you on this one...i hate when people do that. and if it's a freebie day then there's NO excuse.

i guess the only consolation is that someday when they're working something will come up and they'll be screwed. and it will be awesome.

(if i were female i'd totally be a bitch)

LJ said...

Actually what is actually going on (or what goes on at my school), is that everyone finished their brief last night at around 7:30 or 8:00. Then they went out and got all sorts of shitfaced. They planned to go to class because, as you said, it was a freebie. However a hangover is a powerful incentive to stay in bed. I know that happened to me.