The Aftermath

I had a party last night.

Empty bottles of wine: 10

Beers drank: 92

Time last person passed out: 5 am

Obscene messages written on my fridge: 3

Red wine stains on my white carpet: 1

Minutes of video footage of Lance Ito, John Roberts, Sandra Gay and Scalito singing karaoke and busting a few druken moves (which I feel compelled to disclose to the state board of law examiners prior to allowing them to sit for the bar): countless.


John Roberts said...

There's fucking video? Calculating, have I told you how much I appreciate your friendship?

......................... said...

Good thing I left before my pants came off and I could still drive home. Damn it....I knew I should not have left early to let the dog out to pee. I am so antisocial. BTW Lance Ito - the marijuana darts were the best thing I have seen in a LONG time.

Nick said...

Before I read your list of contributors, I thought you were talking about the actual Lance Ito, which made it funnier. But only a little.