So law school does teach us stuff, well but we just don't remember it

So today I actually had to remember something I learned way back in Civil Procedure. (Basically, all I remember from that class right now is Diversity jurisdiction, cause it's easy, and maybe a little subject matter jurisdiction - but I wouldn't bet on it.) Anything beyond that, nil. So anyway, I had to find out how to argue for a certain venue. Now see, I barely remember venue, and I'm pretty sure that we didn't talk about it for long, and that I was probably on AIM at the time. But I had this very foggy recollection of the prof saying something about "if you give the defendant a venue in their own area (so it's not the legal term, so what you get the idea) they can't complain!" Or something like that. But of course, I have no idea if he actually said that, or if I made it up, or if he did say it, what case/rule it was about. So ensued 2 hours of me going through Google, Westlaw, and of course, my notes from Civ Pro trying to find an inkling of that. (Curiously, looking back at my notes from the beginning of the year made me laugh realizing I actually took very diligent notes in the early days of my 1L year - ah naive little Larceny, if you could only see the future). Not a damned thing. So I guess once in awhile they do teach you stuff that has relevance later on in the legal world, it's just that remembering it when you need it is unlikely. Then, as I did, you will spend a few hours looking for that faint memory on the always lovable Google and the ever-menacing creation that is Westlaw. My point? Everything you needed to know about the law could pretty much just be found on the internet, so IM away!