100th Post!

Well, we finally reached our first milestone -- 100 posts. In order to commemorate this historic moment, I thought I'd reach into the depths of sitemeter and pull out the best Google searches that have recently lead people to the hallowed pages of this blog. Without further ado:
  • "marriage is boring"
  • "being a loser"
  • "what does it cost to paint a passanger's door on a dodge van"*
  • "love con law"
  • "how to get a date when you are a loser"
  • "person getting hit at a PTA meeting"
Based on the sampling above, I'd say that you can find just about everything that you are looking for here at There's No Competition. Well, that is as long as everything you are looking for has nothing to do with substance. Thanks for reading!

*Yes, the search had "passangers" spelt wrong so this anal rententive editor must have let that one slip through the cracks.


dicta said...

if you guys keep talking about how anal retentive you are, you're gonna get some freaky hits. dont say dicta didnt warn you.

Larceny Bitch said...

The man makes a very good point.