No Such Thing as Free Lunch

Here’s an insider’s tip on law school. The financial aid office gives you a budget at the beginning of the semester allowing about $10 a day for food. That’s not a lot of money unless you can survive on 8 double cheeseburgers and 2 medium fries a day. Here’s what the financial aid office doesn’t tell you: if you play your cards right you can have free lunch every day at school and then take half of your $10 daily budget and spend it on other things. Nice things. Like electricity and rent. Or necessities not included in the budget. Like alcohol. (Although on $5 a day we’re probably talking rubbing alcohol, or worse 40s of malt liquor).

On almost any given day there are seminars, speakers and meetings which all provide lunch. As long as you don't mind being part of the society of women lawyers on Monday, part of Outlaw! on Tuesday, a Republican on Wednesday, attending a career services seminar on Thursday and a Democrat on Friday then you can have free lunch every day.

The catch?

You better have a high tolerance for pizza and bullshit. I used to love pizza. (Even more exciting when it’s Pizza Hut one day and Dominos’ the next.) Never loved the bullshit meetings. However, after eating pizza on average of three times a week at school, I find that I’d rather be eating bullshit then pizza. But poor law students can't be picky, now can they? I should just be happy that all of my tuition money is being so well spent!


dicta said...

well i'm no woman, but i'll get in touch with my feminine side for some free pizza! can i run for women's caucus president??

Battlerocker said...

So it's true. Law school is the same everywhere. Cheers to lunch meeting pizza!

Anonymous Law Student said...

I've tried to get one or two of the clubs to consider ordering something other than pizza, but for some reason order subsandwiches would just be too insane.

Calculating Bitch said...

Seeing as how there are at least one or two meetings every day of the week some of the groups have tried a taco bar, subs, and salads from some of the places close to campus, but apparently these end up being messy, a lot of work and people still aren't happy.

So I guess I better stop complaining about pizza and just be happy that I don't have to pay for lunch.

Dicta - there are a few guys on the women's law email distribution list, but I've never seen them at a meeting. Although if you transfer here, you have my full support for president of the women's law society.

dicta said...


dicta in '07!