Happy 4-20 Everyone!!!

Yes it is 4-20.
No, it is not legal to go and smoke pot on the Capitol steps.
Yes, those are my darts from the fabulous party thrown by Calculating.
No, I do not remember the last hour of the party or how I got home (I do love my wife for driving.)
Yes, I was the one who spilled on the wine on the white carpet. (Very devastating...)
No, I do not smoke weed anymore. Quit when I started law school. (Figured I should start obeying the law.)
Question of the Day: Who knows why "4-20" is significant for the stoners? Best/Most Creative Answers gets my undying love...


dicta said...

well, i think the real answer is that the call number for possession of weed is 420. but more likely 420 is the number of dirty hippies it takes to get my order right at mcdonalds. shit, it's 420 right now.

Walking Tort said...

I heard from an esteemed publication (i.e. High times), that a group of friends in the 70s (that's 1970s, not aged 70 years) would get out of school at 4 and would meet at one dude's house at 4:20, though I hardly see how it would still be so widespread 30 years later.

Lance Ito said...

The most recent one that I have heard, and believe me I have heard them all, is that a medical study was conducted on marijuana usage and the most likely time people were getting high was 4:20 in the afternoon. After school, and before the parents got home.

Anonymous Law Student said...

The 4:20 in the afternoon thing is the only explanation I have ever heard for it.