Nice Nice Baby

In Honor of Our Property Professor:

(To the tune of Ice, Ice Baby, obviously)

Yo MD let's kick it

Nice nice baby (x2)
All right stop grab a fetus and listen
We are back with a brand new adoption
Umbilical grabs a hold of me tightly
Flow like the menses daily and nightly
Will it ever stop yo I don't know
Check out the maxis, they dam the flow
From the ovaries I give birth like a vandal
Light up a stage and pass the placenta like a candle
Breathe bum rush the baby that cries
I'm killing your pain like a phatty epidural
Deadly when I push a still born chile'
Killin' your kids 'cause of postpartum is a felony
Love it or leave I'm gonna gain weight
You better time your contractions or the kid don't play
If I got a moon cup yo I'll solve it
Check out the crown while my midwife revolves it

Nice nice baby vanillla (x4)


dicta said...

i'm sorry i doubted your nomination to SCOTUS

John Roberts said...

I can't take all the credit; my fellow bloggers contributed to the work product.