Just an Observation...

Nothing gets 1Ls out of bed in the morning and into school by 7:30 except for registration. (Especially when the 2Ls have registered the day before and several classes were already full.)

This is how it went:

12:01 am. Log on to online registration and see if there was anyway that the 8 am registration time really meant just any time the next day.

7:00 am. Log on to the online registration and see if 8 am registration meant that you could actually get in by 7 am.

7:05 am. Hear the rumor that several 1Ls got into the system at 7:50am last year and registered for all of their classes. The registrar quickly found out, bumped them from all of their classes and then they had to wait until everyone else finished registering before they could get back into the system.

7:10 am. Look at the online class schedule and take inventory as to what is already full and which classes only have a few spots. Prioritize which classes to register for first to make sure that those coveted classes don't fill too quickly.

7:30 am. Usually only a handful of students are in the building by this time. Today: already seen over 50 1Ls and counting.

7:45 am. Log on to online registration and begin count down.

7:50 am. Ten minutes to go. You can sense the tension in the air. Competition to complete registration first is cut throat.

7:55 am. Over half of the 1L class has now been seen roaming around school.

7:59 am. Continuously hitting refresh on the online registration page. Refresh. Refresh. Refresh. Refresh. Refresh and we're in.

8:01 am. Add class, add class, add class. Hit register. Done.

8:04 am. Professional Responsbility: Full. Business Associations: Full. Evidence: Full. Jurisprudence: 1 spot left. Federal Tax: 5 spots left. All fun electives: Full.

8:07 am. Every required class: Full.

8:10 am. Late risers waking and recalling that 1L registration was 8 am. Logging on to registration to discover only classes left: Bioethics, Feminist Jurisprudence, and Poverty Law.

So, I guess having registration at 8am is what it takes to get the 1Ls out of bed.
(Seriously, there were more 1Ls at school the other morning then there usually are in our 9 am classes. Probably the first time ever that everyone was in Con Law that morning.)


odderie said...

Funny. How well I remember undergrad days of frantic furious registration.

TSC Girl said...

Undergrad was horrendous, and it was over the phone so LOTS of listening to an automated voice telling you to hold. Law school was easy. You got to pick one class per semester that was MOSt important to you and you were 90% sure to get it. After everyone registered for their priority class then everyone handed in their cards to the registrar. Any classes overfilled had a lottery. 3L obviously had preference over 2Ls. Leisurely. A week or so was given to mull over your choices and pick classes w/ alternatives. No going to school early, no cut throat antics. Amazingly seamless and calm by law school standards.