Just Hit Send

Know what I love? (Yes, this is my rant for the day).

When someone sends out a school-wide email asking what the Con Law reading assignment is.

Just keep hitting that send button, will you? Not like I don't already get 50+ emails a day at my school account. Not like I'm even in your Con Law section. Not like any of the 2Ls and 3Ls mind getting emails from dumbass 1Ls that can't seem to figure out to either 1) to ask a friend for the assignment, 2) to check the class website for the assignment, or 3) if all else fails to email the prof (and only the prof) for the assignment.

That email is almost as bad as the unsolicited student government campaign emails and the personalized form letters from career services.

While I'm on this track, how about the people that obnoxiously hit "reply to all"? If you get a legitimate school wide announcement (such as an events calendar detailing where free lunch is on any given day) why the hell would you hit reply to all instead of just reply? If you have a question regarding something do you think the rest of us really want to hear it? No. We're narcissistic law students, remember? We are wrapped up enough in our own lives that we don't give a damn about anyone else. So keep your emails to yourself and those that care.

Nice to know that I'm not the only one that hates these types of emails.


dicta said...

as you have discovered, i loathe these emails. loatheeeeeeee.

The Namby Pamby said...

that's when you take their email addresses and start signing them up for productive services like boob-jobs and cheap cialis and donkey porn

She says said...

Or how about my fave -- those who hit "reply to all" to tell everyone to stop replying to all.