May It Please the Court...

So the 1Ls had oral arguments with the professor that is like the kindergarten teacher of law professors this past week. This how the conversation went after the last of the arguments:

Brazilian Queen: "How did your arguments go?"

Stevens: "I think they went pretty well. The prof told all of us that we should join moot court."

Queen: "She said the same thing to the four of us."

Lance Ito: "She told everyone in my group to join moot court as well."

Another student: "She said the same to us."

Another 1L: "Same here."

Calculating (laughing): "She must have told that to everyone. Hmm, wonder if she's in charge of recruiting?"

Spastic law student guy-that-never-stops-complaining: "But she didn't tell our group that."

Not being told to join moot court by this prof would be the equivalent of telling a five year old that his drawing sucked. The fact that he was not given the gratuitous ego boost from this prof says exactly what we here have all been thinking.

Either way, I don't think I'll be trying out for moot court anytime soon.

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