I love Dr. Phil

I love Dr. Phil. And I don't care what anyone says, I just do. I think I love it the most when he yells at his guests (i.e. "You're 700 pounds! Quit blaming it on the spider bite!" Classic stuff.) I know I should be studying for Property. I have been studying for Property and dammit, I am watching some Dr. Phil. I wonder if it would be easier to be 700 lbs. than take this exam tomorrow. Probably. Especially since we know this Prof. has written the most ridiculously crazy exam. (I believe she thoroughly enjoys the looks of exasperation on our faces when we turn over the exam and see it for the first time.) I betcha Dr. Phil would do better on this exam than any of us, he's from Texas - he knows how to speak her language. Damn, it's over. Now Oprah's on (read: boring). Sigh....Back to Property.

PS: I know all my fellow bloggers (with this blog and others) are also avoiding studying in these moments like myself, as the blogs have been afire with comments and rapid posts in recent days!

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