A driving rant: Is the turning signal dead?

To those soccer moms, wealthy upper class stuffy men and others who refuse to use their turning signals,

Honestly people. Have we forgotten one of the main rules of drivers ed? Always use your turning signal, let other people know what you are doing. I have noticed a growing trend, and that is that people are not using turning signals. Ever. At least 3 times this week I have been on a busy 3 lane highway and watched as someone in one lane starts to merge into another lane 1) without first checking to see if there was another car in that lane – kind of important and 2) without putting on their turning signal to let the person know they were moving on. Then the other person has to swerve onto the shoulder to avoid getting hit on the side, and then as he moves over to the lane finally realizes at the last possible second “hey, there’s a car there!” and swerves right back to his lane, making everyone behind him slam on their brakes. Is it so much to ask that you use your turning signals? Or at least LOOK before merging? Also, what is with soccer moms in vans turning onto roads, again, without using their turning signals? So when you’re sitting at a 4-way stop with them, and you get there about the same time, even if they’re turning, you sit and wait and then as she’s turning away from you you yell “dammit it lady, if I had known you were turning, I would have gone!” Or my favorite when you are coming driving down the road when they turn right in front of you (into their driveway, psychologist’s office, PTA meeting, lawyer husband’s mistress home to yell and cry at them, whatever) without a signal so you would at least know to move to the other lane, and then you’re stuck waiting behind them. It doesn’t take much effort to use a turning signal, it’s just a flick of the hand really. Please use your turning signals, for the sake of the rest of us on the road. That being said, I’m going to be a lawyer – you hit me because you can’t do a simple thing like that, you are screwed. Okay, the driver rant is over.

Lots of love,


......................... said...

Well I guess I am one of those. I refuse to use my blinker. I once got pulled over for not using it. The cop asked me why I didn't use it when turning. I told him I hadn't noticed that I didn't use it. He asked me if it was broken. I simply stated I did not know but offered to turn it on so he could check. I turned it one and he walked to the back and checked. He then reported it was working. I simply responded "well I guess I didn't use it then". He just smirked and told me to use it next time. No ticket, nothing. That made me 1/13 at the time.

dicta said...

i also hate when people dont signal. is it too much effort? really? maybe all the fat americans out there would tone their flabby arms a bit if they would lift them and flick the indicator. hell, i dont care, call it exercise and use it as justification for that dozen of donuts you're about to eat.

god. now i'm all fired up.

Daddy said...

I worked as a mechanic in college and one day a BMW driver brought his car into our shop because he heard a clicking sound coming from the dashboard and what appeared to be a warning light flashing on the side of his car. Apparently he had accidentally hit the blinker arm when he got into the car and had no idea what was going on!