I don't understand teenage boys - this is a problem

So, this evening my two teenage nephews (my brother is much older than me) are coming to visit me from my home state. They will arrive around 4 this afternoon and leave tomorrow morning to go back. So it's only one evening. However, I have a problem. I'm not a boy, let alone a teenage boy. My significant other will not be home for at least 2 hours after they arrive. They love him because they can talk about cars and trucks and stuff. But what the hell am I going to do with them in the meantime? I have no cable, no X-box or Nintendo (and don't even know the difference between them.) I have a Playstation 1 that my older brother gave me a couple years ago because he was embarrassed that I had not ever played a video game. But I'm not sure where it is and I don't have that little card thingy that makes it remember your score or level or whatever. What does a female law student, who spends her free time reading Property Law (Somehow I don't think they would appreciate hearing about that) and Con Law, and who is becoming increasingly less lucid as finals approach going to do with two teenage boys for two hours?? I am so screwed.


Calculating Bitch said...

Show them the Nylon Porn Video.

Scalito said...

Don't touch them in their private areas.

lawbrat said...

Well, good question. If you had the playstation, rent some games.

I have 2 boys, but they are only 11 and 7. With finals in less than 2 weeks, they tend to stay away from me.

Climb trees. They like that. Buy them pizza, that will take a good 10 minutes for them to eat.