What the Story Should Have Been...

And in our lead story tonight firefighters spent $62.25 rescuing 3-year-old Devin Haskins out of a toy-filled claw machine at the local pizza place.

When firefighters arrived on the scene, they were told there was no key to the machine. Drawing on their training, they took up a collection of quarters and quickly decided who would be best at saving the boy with the claw.

The first attempts were met with failure. "I kept centering the claw over his head, but I just couldn't get it to release in the right spot, " said Firefighter Mark Stevens. "Thats a sticky trigger button on that machine."

After 83 attempts, the boy was finally snagged by rookie Firefighter Greg Youngs. "My method was to go after his overalls. I thought that if I could hook him by the strap, I'd have him out in no time." When asked what he thought contributed to his success, Youngs replied, "I guess all of those years of playing this game when I was a kid has been worthwhile. I have 294 of these stuffed animals at home, but today's prize has definitely been the best." Youngs was candid, "It's not often that all of those worthless hours spent playing games pays off. I'm just happy that I was here and had the skills to help."

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The Namby Pamby said...

Sounds like something we would see on the Daily Show, with Ron Burgundy