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I'm sure everyone is just dying of curiosity to know more about us bloggers here in our non-competitive corner of the world, so wait no more. Here go you go:

4 Jobs You've Had in Your Life

equity trader, mortgage broker (yes, the sleazy, overpriced kind), sales for West Publishing, Grocery Bagger (I hated it so much I cried when I had to go to work - it was so much pressure - all the food coming down that conveyer belt, and so fast)

Calculating: a dishwasher at a summer camp, camp counselor (a promotion, obviously), server, accountant

Class: grocery store manager, server, therapist, coach

I don't work...I've been in school my entire life. However I have worked as a receptionist at a doctors office and as a claims assistant at a Mortgage company. I have also been a Ph.D. level graduate student so that kept me busy...which is nice.

Larceny: Hallmark and Things Remembered (
Different stores, same crazy old ladies that take half an hour to count out change and are never happy with your service), State Senate, and undergrad university

Sandra: 1. "dietary aide" in a nursing home 2. shoe saleswoman 3. telemarketer 4. grocery store deli counter

Scalito: Paperboy, Target Clerk, Network Engineer

4 Movies You Would Watch Over and Over Again
Anita: Pride and Prejudice, Wedding Crashers, Crash, The Breakfast Club

Gladiator, Braveheart, Half Baked, and I don’t know if I should admit this – 10 Things I Hate About You

Class:Sweet Home Alabama, A Civil Action, I am Sam, Gladiator

The Usual Suspects, Indian Jones: The last Crusade (Sean Connery is very sexy), Any Star Wars (even the newer ones), Sweet Home Alabama
Editor's Note: Okay, I added Sweet Home Alabama for Mr. Ito -- he only had three...

1) Nylon Lover’s (This is a video purchased by dear Sandra Gay in an effort to liven up a party at my house, she was unaware it was a nylon fetish video. Weird and hysterical), Bourne Identity, Disney's Beauty and the Beast, and finally, because I am in Crim Law and waiting for “Anyone? Anyone?” - Ferris Bueller’s Day Off

Sandra: 1. Ferris Buellers Day Off 2. Office Space 3. The Big Lebowski 4. Sweet Home Alabama

Scalito: Vertigo, Waking Ned Devine, It's a Wonderful Life, To Catch a Thief

4 T.V. Shows You Watch
Anita: Grey's Anatomy, Project Runway (Santino should have been out last season), Real World/Road Rules Challenge, Boston Legal

The Office, Law and Order (all three, but CI is the favorite version), My Name is Earl, The O.C.

Class:greys anatomy, desperate housewives, er, will and grace

Are you kidding me? Who has time to watch TV? I'm too busy reading or briefing. My wife watches and hence I watch: CSI: NY or Miami, Law and Order: All of them, I used to watch the Apprentice religiously(don't really anymore), One guilty pleaure is wrestling (did watch is last friday)

Larceny: CSI: The Original, ER (Sorry people, I tried to get into Grey’s Anatomy, and it didn’t take), America’s Next Top Model (pure humor), Dr. Phil (Ask any of the bloggers, I have a thing for Dr. Phil)

Sandra: 1. The West Wing 2. The Golden Girls 3. The Cosby Show 4. Sex and the City

Scalito: Lost, CSI (Vegas), CSI (Miami), Law & Order: SVU

4 Websites You Visit Daily
Anita: Pink is the New Blog, The Drudge Report,, Westlaw (and I hate it)

Calculating:Well, our blog, of course, all of the blogs on our blogroll, Westlaw (I'm a points whore as well), and the Smoking Gun

Class:Our Blog, My Work Website, CNN, Barely Legal Blog

This one, ESPN, Czbabe, CNN

Larceny: Barely Legal Blog, Pink is the New Blog and Socialite’s Life (generally at the same time), Westlaw so I can get points, Our blog to see what crap my friends put up

1. New York Times 2. (and thats about it for everyday!!)

Scalito: Our Blog, Silent Uproar, MSNBC, Gizmodo

4 of Your Favorite Foods
Anita: Sushi, Thai Food, Lean Pockets (I'd recommend the Pepperoni for breakfast), Steak

Calculating:Java Chip
ice cream, my mom's beef strognaff, House Special Lo Mein (#35 at the local takeout), Mushrooms (yeah, I'm weird, but I'll eat them in any form with anything)

Class: baked potatoe pizza, veggie fajitias, guacamole, lettuce wraps

pizza, thai food, Taco Bell, Raw Baby Carrots (Nature's Toothbrush!!)

Larceny: Chinese noodle dishes, Spaghetti and meatballs (what is better than that?), Cheap Chinese (a local cheap Chinese place Sandra Gay and I go and stuff our faces in), Taco Bell (or Taco Hell, whatever it is pure love)

Sandra: 1. macaroni and cheese with hot dogs in it 2. potstickers 3. pot roast 4. spaghetti

Scalito: Guiness Stout, Pistatchio Nuts, Walleye, Coffee (come on, it's a food)

4 Places You'd Rather Be Right Now
Anita: On a beach in Florida with NO STUDYING TO DO, Skiing in Winter Park, CO with no studying to do, Paris, France -- hell, if I'm there, I'll deal with the studying, Out on the lake wakeboarding.

in Vegas (I'm jonesing), at the Cabin during the middle of the summer, in bed with Ryan Reynolds, or living in San Diego

Class: Bahamas, shopping in New York, floating on a lake (somewhere warm), Washington D.C.

Sleeping, Watching a movie in the theaters, Playing with my two cats, Hangin out my friends in Vegas

Hell (warmer, this place is effing freezing, A psych ward (it’s kinda like that in here already anyway, at least there you get meds), Did I mention hell?, Some small cottage on the coast of Spain, where there is no Crim Law class nearby and I can drink wine all day).
Editor's note:
If you haven't already figured it out, Larceny was sitting in Crim Law while answering these questions...

1. at home on my couch 2. in bed 3. hawaii 4. on any beach

Scalito: Killarney Plaza, A Ballpark, The Brewery, Parkside Cafe

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