A Disclaimer for all (because we apparently need one)

It has come to my attention that a fellow (or several fellow) law students at our school have discovered our blog, and that those who think they know which school we are and think they may go here are checking it out. Great, we hope you enjoy it. For those who for some reason feel we are talking about you when we are blogging (because apparently our discussions of Saved by the Bell, our apparent need for money and our nerdiness have secret messages about others hidden in them) please remember that we are much more concerned with ourselves than anyone else, I mean, we're law students. We're innately self-important and self-concerned. That being said, I'd like to use my famous Larceny Bitch phrase:

Let's calm down the crazy.

Honestly, we created this site to entertain one another, and if we can entertain others, even better. But don't take what we say personally, we're just bored and tired law students - this is not a blog of in-depth, political statements. Also, just in case anyone thinks they know our school (maybe you do, but I doubt it) and are wondering what it's like: you could ask any one of us on a different day what we think and I promise each of us would say that we love our law school and wouldn't change it for anything. We've found great friends and have learned a lot about ourselves here. You will too.

With love to all,

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