A break from the law school world: a view of the life of the outside world (Read: Scary)

Another blogger and I were discussing the odd change in some women once they have a child. Note, this is not all women, just some. But I have an example. The following excerpt is from a friend of my significant other. She has two children and sent the following in a Christmas card letter. Yes, a Christmas card letter.

“You could say that our remodeling is pretty much finished now, because there is pee on the toilet seat in the new bathroom, handprints and blood on the freshly painted walls, blood on the granite tile, throw up on the quilt. Also, Baby 1 has left some of his skin and blood on the driveway. Baby 1 also learned how to pee outside. Baby 2 is doing well, except we had to take him to the doctor last month (actually a Gastro-intestinologist) because he had 12 messy diapers a day!”

This is a section of a two page letter in which I read the entire thing, I mean she had me at the blood and pee. Okay, I know what you’re thinking – she didn’t actually write this, Larceny just took some creative license. Nope – WORD FOR WORD. Now, I realize that she is just mentioning the blood, puke and pee as a part of the house being a scene of many bumped elbows and other kid moments. However, why in God’s name would you send this out in a Christmas letter, and in such detail?! And this is all the entire letter carries, just news like this. Is anyone else picturing a CSI scene? Whenever I show this to people, no one ever believes me it’s real. I assure you my gentle readers, it is. And this woman is a well-educated, somewhat intelligent person. What the hell happened? Oh right, she had a kid.

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