Land of Milk & Honey

I. Outline

  • Since becoming a law student - I dream, think and live in and endless world of outlines. If you don’t care for posts in outline form – move on.

II. Overheard Today

  • Student A: Did she think he was hot?
  • Student B: Yeah. Hell yeah.
  • Student A: Really? She thought he was hot but she’s also seeing someone?
  • Student B: Yeah, but it’s not like she’s faithful. We could totally get her to do him
  • Scalito: Are you guys freshmen?
  • Student A: No but you’re a sophomoric (really - that's what he said. A sophmoric what? Never did tell me).
  • Scalito (thought): Great comeback.
  • Student B (in front of many other students): Hey, were just trying to get student C laid, settle down.
  • Scalito (thought): Is this high school or a frat house? WTF.

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